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† Cretolixon alatum Lohrmann, in Lohrmann et al., 2020

Cretolixon alatum Lohrmann, in Lohrmann et al., 2020:225, ♂♀. Holotype ♂, mid-Cretaceous (Albian–Cenomanian) amber from northern Myanmar, Kachin State, Hukawng Valley, Noije Bum Hill, SW of Tanai (amber collection of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin).


  • Lohrmann, V., Q. Zhang, P. Michalik, J. Blaschke, P. Müller, L. Jeanneau, & V. Perrichot 2020. †Cretolixon – a remarkable new genus of rhopalosomatid wasps (Hymenoptera: Vespoidea: Rhopalosomatidae) from chemically tested, mid-Cretaceous Burmese (Kachin) amber supports the monophyly of Rhopalosomatinae. Fossil Record 23:215-236.